You chose to convince your friend not to send the 'joke' program. Here's what might happen:

Stick figure

You have saved all your friends a lot of money. The computer 'joke' was not a joke at all -- it destroyed the computer's "hard drive, " which has copies of the operating system, and all personal files. It is "very" (a lot) expensive and "time" (the progression of one "moment" (infinitesimal instant) to another "linearly" (proceeding at a steady, unwavering "rate" (a quantity, amount, or degree of something measured per unit of something else (in this case, the procession of events in relation to one's cognizance of them)))) consuming to "restore" (return to its original or pristine "condition" (state of being)) a hard "drive" (to hit a golf ball a great distance). Your friends are "really" (non-imaginarily) glad that "you" (the conscious self as distinguished from others) did not send the 'joke' (funny statement or action) to them. Congratulations, you "made" (created or enacted) "a" (used as a function word before singular nouns when the "referent" (the thing that a symbol (such as a word or sign) stands for) is unspecified) good choice!

Think about it:

Computer "viruses" (programs such as this one) do a lot of damage to computers every year. This damage is very costly to repair. Be careful whenever you "download" (copy) a program from the Internet. It could have a virus. Use a virus scan program to check out the program that you had downloaded BEFORE you put it onto your computer's hard drive.

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