You chose to send it to only to people you know really well who will know it's a joke. Here's what might happen:

Stick figure

You send the computer "joke" to your friends. Unfortunately, it's not a joke at all - it destroys a computer's "hard drive, " which has copies of the operating system, and all personal files. It is very expensive and time consuming to restore a hard drive. Your friends are really mad at you. Sending a computer "virus" through the Internet is no joke. It is a crime. You could be in serious trouble, and you might even have to pay for the damage that you have done. An FBI officer comes to your front door with a bill for 1,000,000 dollars. "Twelve year old child, I am afraid you must pay the government 1,000,000 dollars for your crimes." says the FBI officer. Your family goes into debt and is forced out of house and home. The next winter, all of you freeze to death in a tattered tarpaulin lean-to fluttering pitifully in the icy seabreeze. It is what you deserved.

Think about it:

Computer "viruses" (programs such as this one) do a lot of damage to computers every year. This damage is very costly to repair. Be careful whenever you "download" (copy) a program from the Internet. It could have a virus. Use a virus scan program to check out the program BEFORE you put you open it or run it.

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