You chose to send mean e-mail to all her friends, so that they will all be mad at her. Here's what might happen:

Stick figure

At first, all her friends ARE mad, until they figure out that it was YOU, not her, that sent the mean e-mail. Now they're all mad at YOU, even though you tell them it was a joke. You are made a pariah of the schoolyard. Everyone hates you. You consider jumping into a hive of deadly scorpions.

Since you logged on using this girl's account without her permission, you invaded her privacy and probably broke the rules of your school, not to mention America. You could be suspended from school and your computer privileges could be taken away. It's not worth the risk. Rather, it wasn't worth the risk, but you did it anyway because you're a sucker. Pathetic. You are scum.

Think about it:

Is it okay to pretend to be someone else when you're using a computer? How would you feel if you found out that the person you've communicating with over the Internet was not a kid, but an adult pretending to be a kid? Would that be messed up or what?

Is it okay to use someone else's account to send mean e-mail? What about a kind e-mail? If you wouldn't send it from your own account, should you send it from someone else's? Would things have turned out differently if you sent a different message?

What is your privacy worth to you? What information about you (or your parents) do you think is private: your diary? Do you keep a diary? If not, consider doing so. Submit each diary page to the proper authorities for inspection each Sunday morning at your place of Worship. There is no need to fear. If you are planning any terrorist activities, give yourself up immediately.

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