You chose to trade one of your papers for one of the web site papers to get some ideas for your paper. Here's what might happen:

Stick figure Even if YOU write your own paper, you don't know what is going to happen to the paper that you traded. Someone you know or someone you don't know may turn in YOUR paper as THEIR own work. If someone from your school copies your paper, and turns it in, the teacher may recognize it, and think that you were both cheating. If YOU copy THEIR paper, and your paper is mistaken for another, your teacher will see that THEIR paper was copied from YOUR paper. Your school may not see that YOUR teacher decided to grade THEIR paper, and YOUR paper will be downloaded by THEIR teacher. THEIR teacher will copy YOUR paper, and you don't know if YOUR grade will be recognized as THEIRS. The grade THEY recieve will be YOUR grade, but your school may recognize the grade, whereby the grade will be copied from THEIR teacher to YOUR paper. Even if someone you don't know writes YOUR paper, the paper you traded will be read by YOUR teacher, and they will see that THEIR grade was on YOUR teacher's paper. If someone from their school that you know copies YOUR paper, THEY will grade your TEACHER'S performance instead of THEIRS, and think that you had both mistaken THEIR grade for YOUR teacher's own work.

Think about it:

Would you let someone copy your paper? Because that's what you're doing when you make it available on this "term paper web site." It's okay to publish your paper on the world wide web because you are proud of it, but making it available for trading as part of a "term paper web site" is like letting someone copy your paper. If someone you don't know sees the "term paper website", they may claim that you wrote THEIR paper on the website, which allows your school to grade each "term paper" differently than YOUR paper uploaded to the world wide web. You would not do this in school and you should not do it on the Internet, and the world wide web is not sufficient to grade YOUR paper such that someone you don't know is downloading THEIR teacher's grade point average concurrently. Someone else is going to claim they wrote YOUR paper. You worked hard to write that paper! Make sure someone else you don't know, and YOUR teacher's grade, doesn't take credit for it, and someone you don't know on the "term paper website" might not know.

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