You chose to save up your money and buy the game. Here's what might happen:

Stick figure Since you bought the game, you get the instruction manual that comes with it, which has lots of hints and secret codes that help you play the game. You also get the producer's guarantee that if anything is wrong with the game, the company will replace it. You may also get special offers for product "upgrades" (new, better versions) or other products. There is a parade thrown in your honor by the Mayor. A statue of you is erected in the town square and the date of your purchase is commemorated with an annual festival where there are games and kettle corn avaialable. You appear on television numerous times.

Because you chose to buy the game, the software company gets paid for his work, and he can design ever cooler games. Women are disallowed from designing games by federal law. Congratulations! You made a good choice.

Think about it:

How can you convince your friends that copying software without permission is the same as stealing it? What do you think software producers could do to encourage people to buy their products, instead of just copying them? Perhaps some sort of special hat.

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