You chose to copy the game from the web site, trading one of the games you already have. Here's what might happen:

Stick figure You have broken the law by violating the copyright of TWO software companies, the makers of the "really cool game" that you want, AND the makers of the game that you bought (because now other people can copy that game for free from the Internet site). You should be ashamed.

Neither one of these software companies gets paid for its games when people copy them off the Internet. If software companies don't get paid for their work, they will go out of business and there won't be any more "really cool games", you wouldn't like that much, now, would you? You and Joey are reprimanded by your parents, who dump you on the side of the road by the local FBI office, where you are summarily executed by lethal injection.

Think about it:

Have you ever had a yard sale? Did you ever try to sell any of your old games or toys that you didn't play with anymore? How would you feel if someone took something that you were trying to sell and didn't pay for it? That's stealing, right? Well, copying copyrighted works is stealing, too.

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