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Getting straight to the point. Categories, et cetera. I'm finally going to do a proper links page for once. Just you watch!!

- - - I always put webcomics first - - -

1. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
To be honest I think this has gone a bit downhill lately, but there's such a wealth of good stuff in the archive that I can't help but link to it whenever I try to make a links page. Its position here at the top of everything has no significance whatsoever. These links are listed arbitrarily.

2. Prague Race
This is such a beautifully-drawn comic. Lots of funny bits, a couple of dramatic bits. Excellent, excellent world-building.

Also: Werewolves

3. mezzacotta (& Friends)
So much to talk about when it comes to mezzacotta. Basically, it's fifteen million gajillion different weird experimental comics, several of which are predominantly user-submitted. My favorite comics under the Mezzacotta® banner are square root of minus garfield, comments on a postcard, the dinosaur whiteboard (the most recent addition to the site), and the actually quite popular darths & droids.

4. Subnormality
Really well-drawn comics that can sometimes lack subtlety, and which lots of people seem to really hate for some reason? Various reasons. I dunno, I think it's good. Don't get mad at me for liking it? Hm. The really fun thing about this comic is how willing it is to take advantage of the huge amount of space afforded by a web browser with scrollbars. The comics can be / usually are really huge, and it's truly a sight to behold.

5. The Dailies
I wish newspaper comics were like this.

6. xkcd
Everyone puts this in their list of webcomics. So here we are. Best stick figure comic ever.

7. The Perry Bible Fellowship
First, a great name for a webcomic. Second, lots of wonderfully dark humor. Third, it's lovely.

9. Shoot Around
Quite possibly the only halfway decent zombie-related webcomic currently in existence

10. The Last Halloween
The most Halloweeny comic of all time? See also: Junior Scientist Power Hour, which is by the same person and is a jokes comic instead of a story comic.

11. BACK
A silly comic that's off to a good start. Drawn by the same guy who does this comic and written by the guy who did this comic.

12. prequel
A very long comic in the style of MS Paint Adventures (which I started reading at one point but never completed because it's the webcomic equivalent of War and Peace in terms of length) [Edit: I did it. I read every comic on MS Paint Adventures dot com. The deed has been done. It was a very good deed.] that takes place in the Elder Scrolls universe.

Edit: Okay, so I managed to get through the entire archive relatively quickly. It's not that long if you're willing to waste the better part of two days reading it. Next: the waiting game...

13. 1/0
A comic without a fourth wall, from days of yore.

14. Dinosaur Comics
The same comic over and over, but not really

15. Awkward Zombie
The best video game comic I can think of at the moment

16. Concerned
Half-Life 2 / garry's mod comic. One of the first webcomics I read all the way through. Also one of the best comics with a complete idiot for a protagonist.

17. this link has been purged
since I found out the guy who does this comic is a jerk

18. Three Word Phrase
Gag comics. Funny in that way where the sentences don't always have punctuation and characters accept absurd things like there's no problem

19. Night Physics
A purple regular-colored bear does drugs and has weird waking dreams/hallucinations/visions

20. chainsawsuit
Another amusing gag comic

21. Crossed Wires
Really cool cyberpunk comic, read it read it read it

22. Beyond the Western Deep
A very good epic fantasy comic. Doesn't really count as fantasy I guess since there's no magic as far as I can tell, actually... more about politics than anything I suppose. Anyway it's good.

23. Thunderpaw
Beautifully drawn, very very orange comic about some dogs who are very nervous because the world is ending, with lots of cool animated gifs.

24. Freefall
Basically a gag-a-day sci-fi comic with an increasingly complicated story to put the gags on top of, also it's been running for like 20 years

25. Drop Out
A road movie, but instead it's a comic. Beautiful artwork, complex characters, etc etc these are the things I say are good about everything aren't they? Point is, it's really good. (which is another thing I always say..) Deals with some pretty heavy stuff (suicide, depression, brain things in general) so tread lightly if that's not something you want in your comics.

26. Carnivore Planet
I can't really remember what the plot of this comic is, it's been going a long time. I have to start over probably. Mostly in it for the crosshatching. Fastidiously crosshatched illustrations are my sweet ambrosia.

27. Andre + Karl
20-something animal friends that have a band and don't always get along so well, but things are generally pretty laid-back. Just friends being friends, and everything that entails.

28. He is a Good Boy
(spoiler: he isn't)

29. Demon Street
Very pretty comic about a weird fantasy realm where humans can get magical powers, friendship, trust, various themes of that ilk. There are giant ants.

A lovely sort of avant-garde comic that makes me jealous. See also

- - - Moo-sic - - -

1. Autechre
Just unbelievable and amazing in every way. Sounds like it's from another planet sometimes. Look in the music box for a sample.

2. Ghost Box
Music suffused with memories and magic and melancholy and malevolence and my my look at me and my 'M's, meandering meaninglessly from my moronic mouth.

3. Boards of Canada
My absolute favorite band, in all likelihood. Everything you do is a balloon.

4. 骨架的
One of the progenitors of that whole 'vaporwave' thing you may have heard people rambling about at some point in the past couple years

5. Aphex Twin
Also of note is this soundcloud account

6. Soundcloud things
You know, that makes me think I should just put a link to all the soundcloud accounts I'm following. So here's that.

7. Deep Listening Band
This link actually goes to the website of the Deep Listening Institute, which has done lots of good things to make music more accessible to people with disabilities, and other things too. Here's a youtube search so you can hear stuff. RIP Pauline Oliveros

8. Eyesix / Any Colour You Like
One of many Boards-of-Canada-likes, but really quite good even without that association

9. VHS Head
Music made entirely from thousands of nasty old VHS samples and the elbow grease/force of will required to harvest said samples

10. Trunk
A record label dedicated to reissuing old forgotten records (Usually film soundtracks, library music, and early electronic music) that deserve to be heard again. Guy who runs the label has also been doing a great radio show of related music for some time.

11. Cafe Kaput
Electronic music by Cate Brooks, who it turns out has a whole lot of non-ghost box releases. See also Clay Pipe Music where she's released some of her stuff.

12. Avant Garde Project
FLACs of out-of-print avant-garde music.

13. pilotredsun
Good music.

- - - Yew Twoob - - -

1. danooct1
Videos of old worms and viruses (etc) doing horrible things to unsuspecting computers

2. Accursed Farms
I don't know what to say about this. Everything Most things Ross uploads is are great! And he's not afraid to call out stupid stuff when he sees it.

3. Ben Wheele
Fascinating bizarre creepy animations. The Birth Tab is probably some kind of magnum opus. Lots to digest.

4. Chriddof
Loads and loads of surreal videos that are sometimes absurd and sometimes kind of sad and sometimes funny and sometimes disturbing

5. pelodelperro
Music Music Music, mostly of the experimental/avant-garde variety.

6. seinfeldspitstain
Videos like these are probably my favorite kind on youtube. Sadly inactive for quite a while.

7. mst3k
Holds a special place in my heart.

8. taburineagle

—Blogs (+ words in general)—

1. Bat, Bean, Beam
Consistently thought-provoking writing about politics and memory

2. Rouge's Foam
Music + Culture + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music + Music

3. Found Objects
Ephemera and spooky English folksy things from the 70s. The H-Word.

4. coldbacon
Just some guy's site where he writes about a ton of different things. I found this years ago, when I was in High School, and just really ate it up for a long time. Something about the sprawling nature of it all. Goes in a million different directions. It's a work of art, really. It's also probably my main inspiration in terms of the whole 'having a website' thing. The patheticness of that statement is up to you to decide.

5. textfiles

6. 27b/6
David Thorne is not happy with your emails, so he'll be giving you a lesson in empathy. Or something like it.

Things people wrote and then lost, found by other people and published here. Probably make a page of my own for stuff like this someday. I have a lot.

8. TV Tropes
Save this link for the end.

9. Monster Brains
Old illustrations from things

10. B^F
The dinosaur comics guy reads the novelization of Back to the Future

11. Electron Dance
Writing about video games

12. Sunday Comics Debt
A blog about comics

13. Joli Dessin
A tumblr which showcases so-called 'bad art'. But it's not bad. It's good. The only thing art needs to be good is sincerity.

14. The Hooded Utilitarian
Lots of writing about comics, pop culture, and politics. And combinations of the three.

what are you doing wasting your life playing video games when you can be outside wasting your life in different ways which I've arbitrarily decided are better than video games on an objective level

1. NaissanceE
A wonderful wonderful environment full of yawning chasms and stark, featureless walls, all sorts of great stuff. Great music, too. Just beautiful. Some people don't like the running mechanics but I don't really think it's that big of a problem.

2. increpare
A vast library of rough-around-the-edges experimental games

3. cactusquid
Another vast library of rough-around-the-edges experimental games

I miss all my imaginary friends. Maybe they can be your friends, too.

5. cicadamarionette
More weird experimental game-related stuff

6. distractionware
The site of Terry Cavanagh, developer of many quite interesting games. This can serve as the place where I brag about having a high score of 70 seconds on the hardest level of Super Hexagon, and where I lament my inability to ever surpass said score.

Scary science-fiction survival stuff in space

8. Kentucky Route Zero
[strange music and crickets in the distance]

9. Risk of Rain
Another of those you-have-one-life games where you have to kill things. A lot like teleglitch really.

10. Pippin Barr
More experimental games

11. Gone Home
Exploring an empty house and discovering young-adult-fiction-esque teenage drama that happened before you got there

12. harmonyzone
Even MORE weird experimental video games!

13. Glorious Trainwercks
Games don't need to be polished to be good. The terrible and broken bits give them personality.

14. Eidolon
A beautiful game that I haven't given enough attention and should really continue playing eventually.

15. Tower of Guns
FPS bullet hell! Great fun if you have half an hour or so to kill. Has hilarious writing too.

16. Run Think Shoot Live (Formerly PlanetPhillip)
The biggest and best archive of maps and mods for the Half-Life games that I can think of. Perfect if your computer can't run anything but source engine games.

17. Memory of a Broken Dimension
Unreleased game with amazing glitch-art graphics that I'm very very excited for.

18. Routine
Unreleased survival horror game that takes place on a retrofuturistic 1980s moon base.

19. Devil Daggers
Essentially another FPS bullet hell, except the whole 'hell' thing is taken super-literally. Intentionally evokes the feeling old games like Quake with a low display resolution, jittery vertex distortion, grungy greys and browns - stuff like that. AMAZING.

20. The Whole Half-Life
Should probably be in the tools section, but whatever. Mapping stuff for the source and goldsrc engines.

21. itch.io
Quickly becoming my favorite game site. So many wonderful weird artsy games, it's amazing! Nothing bad I could possibly say about it.

- - - ???? ???? ???? - - -

1. UbuWeb
A huge sprawling website full to bursting with avant-garde miscellany.

2. The Library of Babel
Everything ever, and never, forever

3. WizWorld
The site of Mike Jittlov, who made a wonderful movie

4. pointless sites
My first favorite website, used to go visit it all the time

5. JR's gifs
Gifs to use on your sites

6. http://vasulka.org
Website of Steina and Woody Vasulka, who I know nothing about but this seems like a good place to start

- - - tools - - -

1. Unicode text converter
Convert text into a gajillion different weird unicode alphabets. Useful if you want to seem cool but have nothing cool to say. 𝓛𝓸𝓸𝓴 𝓪𝓽 𝓪𝓵𝓵 𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓼𝓮 шэіѓↁ сЂаѓ⒜⒞⒯⒠⒭⒮!!

2. freesound
Lots and lots of public domain / Creative Commons licensed sounds to use in things

3. textmechanic
Incredibly useful text-tweaking tools. The sort of things that text editors should have by default.

4. Sunvox
An easy-to-use lightweight music-making program with a great sounding reverb effect, and other features too I guess.

5. waifu2x
Image resizer. It uses magic to keep things from getting blurry and pixelated.

6. Twine
Very easy-to-use tool for making interactive fiction. You've probably heard of it already.

7. cheapbotsdonequick
Tool for making twitter bots that's so easy even an idiot could use it

8. atom
a text editor with all sorts of nifty features. Mostly it's just nice to look at.

9. Elogoxa VSTs
Some pretty good VST plugins, if I remember correctly. Windows only, unfortunately.

10. mda
More VST plugins.

Some CSS that can make your pages much more
! I'll probably end up working it into every html-based thing I make from now on because I like it so much

12. BitFont Maker 2
Pixel font builder. Source of a couple fun fonts I'm using on the site currently...

13. FontSquirrel Webfont Generator
... but only because of this tool making the whole webfont conversion process easy. Main site has lots of good fonts too.

14. HTML ImageMap Generator
Imagemaps are a dying art that needs to be revived.

- - - Neocities Sites - - -

1. 98plus
Kind of a celebrity around here

2. FloppyJay
All sorts of neat stuff, gifs, et cetera. Lots of fun. Has a better list of neocities sites than I do.

3. The Finest
A webcomic, off to a good start

4. Will Whiteneck
Fun little 3D web experiments

5. Robot and Human
A webcomic that's coded instead of drawn

6. Quite Absurd
An all-around good site with lots of interesting content

7. Number 7 has been purged.
At the moment this site's just some ASCII art of a synthesizer. But it's pretty cool regardless.

9. Hydra's Lair
Another site with words and things

10. I don't know what to say
So here's all the sites I'm following currently. If I come across anything of exceptional interest / have some spare time on my hands I'll put it on this page properly, but in the meantime this will have to do.

- - - Stuff by me - - -

1. August 27, 2012
The first 'web thing' I made. Sporadically updated, in small ways. Really dependant on images hosted on imgur, which is bad, but I'm too lazy to fix it. I wanted it to be something somewhat dense and ripe for exploration. The tab button is your friend. If I forget to log in every month it will disappear forever.

2. Bacc#
Photography tumblr. I think I'm pretty good at taking pictures. Updated as film is developed ($$$).

3. 11hyphens
Reblogs tumblr. Occasionally things that aren't reblogs. Just go to this one, it has links to all my other tumblrs at the top if you're interested.

4. emptyhalls(alt)
Mostly empty site on geocities.ws, home primarily for goofing off with css. I was going to use it for a very very long very very elaborate very very unfinished twine game I've been working on for the past three years, but the site injects code into html documents that breaks twine. Probably put the game on neocities... eventually....

5. Twitter
My twitter account, where I post things I copy and paste which I find interesting. Feel free to follow all the people I follow, if you want actually worthwile twitter content.

6. @l__l_l__l_l___l
A CBDQ bot that I made. It posts three-word phrases - a possessive pronoun, and adjective, and a noun. With random unicode spew inbetween. A new tweet every ten minutes!
Just think of how much bandwidth I've stolen from spammers and advertisers and even just people whose opinions I disagree with! It warms my heart.

7. YewChewb
My EwTüb channel. Old VHS clips and random experimental nonsense born of massive boredom. Infrequent updates because youtube uploads are SLOOOOOOOOOOOW.

8. 11hyphens (the subreddit)
I hate reddit, so I made an absurdist subreddit about the number 11, and anything that could in any way be construed as having even the slightest thing to do with the number 11. It's only me posting there basically, so, yeah, feel free to post things, it's all good as long as you don't suck

Welp. I said I'd use this music box again, right? So here it is, in all its glory.


^^In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

^^KRZ OST (vague spoilers if 'hearing it before it's revealed naturally in the course of gameplay' counts as a spoiler to you (it sure does for me))

^^The Seasons