I like this video game, and it's easy to make levels for it, so here you go, have some. A border of
means it's released, and a column of
means it's "under construction". All of these require either Doom 1 or Doom 2 (If you don't own them, you can buy them, they're "cheap") and a limit-removing source port, preferably GZdoom because I've caved to the orthodoxy. Recommended difficulty for all of these is Ultra-Violence. Bind your swim up / swim down controls in GZDoom. Use the OPL emulation for the music. And remember to keep your eyes peeled for secrets - I'm obsessed with, and, indeed, have a problem with putting too much effort into, the secrets.



test. test. test. test. test. test. testing. testing. testing. this is not a test. testing. testing. testing. testing. testing. testing. testing. testing. testing. not fun (boring). finally posting this because i don't anticipate working on it anymore, it was only made to test using slade on a mac basically


A wad about mixing different liquids together to concoct some kind of mysterious brew. what could it all mean, it doesn't matter, the point is you get to shoot demons. Requires GZdoom. Download

here come the demons


Shasta beverages corporation company incorporated invites you to drink a can of "Shasta" brand delicious carbonated sugar water with caramel coloring, 100% american soda 100% 100% 100% Download

this is what finished ones look like

First it'll have the border and all that, and then there's text here, too, and I'll tell you some perfunctory information about the wad, and if there's anything special about it that warrants extra effort from you, and then it'll have the download link, and everyone will be happy. There's more space here than I thought