Wherein I attempt to engineer interactive experiences for personal computers despite having zero knowledge or experience
"might as well give it a shot..." - a famous person

Yep that's right I've decided to try making games, probably, perhaps, eventually...

In the meantime, here's a link to some weird half-life 1 maps which I made a number of months ago. They've actually been available to download this whole time, but the link was posted in an exceedingly covert fashion. On one level, this was part of a continuing effort to add more secrets, bigger ones than usual, to the site. But it was mostly because I irrationally dread openly sharing the things I make for fear of rejection. Regardless:


More to come in the future, with any luck.


#### Twine #### Doom ####

Coming Soon:

  1. A game about flying
  2. A weird twine game
  3. an entry for epistle3jam* didnt work out
  4. whatever this is:
*if I can stay focused enough to finish it before halloween that is

itch.io lets you make these nice rectangles with buttons in them. Here's what I've uploaded so far: