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Most of the stories are about building number 13.

It was said that a electrician was accidentally electrocuted working on a air conditioning unit.

Many apparitions have been witnessed in this restaurant. Most often it is that of a stern woman who has been seen walking around the dinning room. Other spirits include that of a angry old man who wanders the property, and that of a young child crying, and a young mother frantically looking for her child.

Numerous sightings of apparitions have been reported in the basement area nicknamed "The Dungeon" by students. Sightings have also been reported in the fallout shelter, as well in a storage room under the auditorium. In these areas students get uneasy feelings, and some have even claimed to have been touched, shoved, and pushed by something unseen. Another report is that of a world war II soldier that wanders the halls, but he hasn't been seen for many years now.

The casino is built on land where a haunted farmhouse used to stand. Employees have heard heard footsteps and seen apparitions inside the casino after closing hours.

to have seen eerie lights and heard strange sounds

Apparitions and other "shadowy figures" have been reported inside the old abandoned school house. One person stated that they took some of the old alphabet letters from off the wall, and continued to have extremely bad luck until the letters where returned to the school house.

29/03/97 : 3mins with 50mm f1.8, Nikon camera guided by 10"scope.Colour corrected to remove light pollution causing a yellowish cast caused by the town of Bridgwater. Film:Ectachrome 100ASA push processed to 400ASA.

And then some more magnification (but a different part of the moon) Photos by DB.


a) Always start off with the lowest magnification eyepiece in the telescope. This will be the one with the longest focal length such as 20mm or 25mm, and gives a wide field of view most suitable for initially finding things
b) Check before use that the small finder telescope is still lined up with the main telescope. Use a bright star or the moon.
c) Commence viewing on a bright object so that you can get the eyepiece in focus to start with. It will then be easier when you move on to fainter objects.
d) If you have an equatorial mount, line the polar axis up with the North Star, Polaris, as best you can.
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Level: 3

Quantum Minimum: 5

Dice Pool: Stamina + Clone

Range: Self

Area: N/A

Duration: One scene

Effect: Creates one duplicate of the character per success.

Multiple Actions: No

Description: This power allows a nova to create "clones" of himself from quantum energies and nearby molecules. To use it, he rolls Stamina + Clone. Each success equals one clone — assuming the character wants to pay for it. At this time, the character must spend one quantum point per clone created, up to the number of successes; he may, of course, spend fewer quantum points if he wishes fewer clones.

Clones are exact duplicates of the character — they have the same Attributes, Abilities, powers, clothes and equipment (except that clones do not have the Clone power themselves). However, they are separate persons in a game sense; if one is knocked unconscious or killed, the others are not affected. Clones do not have any sort of telepathic link; they communicate by talking just like ordinary groups of people.

Clones are not as powerful as the original character. Clones lose one die from all Traits (Attributes, quantum powers, etc.) for each clone created, to a minimum of 1. Thus, if a character created three clones, those clones would have -3 ratings in all Traits. Moreover, all clones have only half of their creator's Quantum Pool. It takes only one turn for a nova to create clones, but the character can do nothing else that turn (not even walking). Once created, the duplicates remain for a scene or until they "recombine" with the original character (usually referred to as the "host" by the clones). To recombine, two or more duplicates need only touch and use an action; again, they can perform no other action during that turn. Recombining is automatic. Clones that do not recombine dissolve into nothingness at the end of the scene, as the energies forming them dissipate.

Extras: None