An exercise in saying too much, too little, or nothing at all


  1. Who were they?
  2. What happened?
  3. What changed?
  4. Where was it?
  5. How did it feel?
  6. Was there anyone to help us?
  7. Is there anyone to help us?
  8. Can we help ourselves?
  9. How did it smell?
  10. Where did they go?
  11. Why didn't it happen to me?
  12. What makes me different than them?
  13. Where can I go to feel the same way?
  14. What could have gone wrong?
  15. Who knew about it?
  16. Who was welcome?
  17. Why can't we go back?
  18. Could things have been different?
  19. Would things have been different?
  20. Should things have been different?
  21. Did it hurt them?
  22. Does it hurt them?
  23. How long did it last?
  24. Do they remember it fondly?
  25. Do they have any idea?
  26. How long has it been?
  27. What made a difference?
  28. Was it warm?
  29. When did it stop?
  30. When did it start?
  31. Where have they gone?
  32. Was it healthy?
  33. Was it safe?
  34. Was it good?
  35. Will it ever happen again?
  36. Should it ever happen again?
  37. Was it worth it?


  1. friends.
  2. talk.
  3. everything.
  4. away.
  5. safe.
  6. no.
  7. no.
  8. no.
  9. dry.
  10. further.
  11. luck.
  12. nothing.
  13. apart.
  14. words.
  15. enough.
  16. enough.
  17. fear.
  18. yes.
  19. no.
  20. yes.
  21. no.
  22. yes.
  23. years.
  24. years.
  25. no.
  26. years.
  27. years.
  28. yes.
  29. soon.
  30. late.
  31. home.
  32. enough.
  33. enough.
  34. enough.
  35. no.
We were so happy. We were so sad. We were so lonely. We were so friendly. We were young. We were afraid. "We rode out under the northern lights". We spoke. We talked. We laughed and laughed, and laughed and laughed. We wept. We taught each other things. We told each other secrets. We told each other lies. We told lies to ourselves. We told secrets to ourselves. We met new people. We were human. We were animals. We were monsters. We were horrible. We were beautiful. We were sober. We were drunk. We were there, and here, and in each of us there was still more yet unspoken. We had words in our hearts and ideas in our heads that stayed there to the end. We didn't know any better. Of course we knew better. We were selfish. We were cruel. We were polite. We were strained. We were exhausted. We were careless. We were careful. We were together, and we held hands, and everyone held everyone else's hand at one time or another, and it was enough because it had to be enough. It was not enough.