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Here's some stuff:

  ^ This page is for stuff like this^
  Old stuff that I have no place for

And, you know, things of that ilk. I'll write stuff about them probably.

[ 1 ]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  I guess this is supposed to be funny
  Because it's inexplicable and stupid?
  This isn't actually very old really
  I think I made it earlier this year, even
  Which makes it that much more embarassing..
[ 2 ]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  Oo, blood and violence. Bet that makes you feel right at home, huh, average viewer?
  That orange thing and a lot of those weird green bits are ink bleeding through from the other side of the paper.
  I think I only drew this because I had a new red pen. Any other reasons I may have had for making this elude me.
  Also, I don't get it. I think he's talking to the gun?   2013-ish
[ 3 ]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  Kind of funny. Early 2013.
[ 4 ]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  Ì̡̡̛ ̷̀͜ç̕a̴̡͟n̶̢̨ ̵̀b͘͡a͘͡r̨̧e͢͜l̷͡ý͟͡͞ ̛̕͢u̕͟͟n͏̸҉̶̴d͏́è̵͜͠͞r̵̛͞s͏̢̛͞͏ţ̵̸̴͢a̡̡͟͏̛ǹ̶͞d́͜ ̡̀ǹ͟҉o̷̵r̢̨̧m̵̵̡a͢͏l͠͝͠ ̶̡̧͟w̧̧͟͡o҉̨͞҉͟r̴̸̛͘͝d͟͏s̵̨̀y̴͟͟ó̀͝u̢̧͡ŗ ̢̀͡g̶̶͜ú͝e͢͠s̨̢͢͢s̵͠ ̷̨̛i̕͢s̵͘͝ ̴̡́͞͞a̷̴ş̸͟͢ ̷͏̸͜͡ģ̸̵ò̵̕͟͜o͏̀d̵̷͜͞ ͘҉́͟a̡s̸̢͢ ͘̕͝m̧i̷̢̕ǹ̴̕͏͝e͢͠
[ 5 ]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  As you can see, by the time I was about halfway through drawing this I decided I didn't have any real point.
  Also, that first black part is a building I covered up because it looked terrible. 2012-ish?
[ 6 ]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  A desk that's been transplanted inexplicably into a mysterious alternate dimension
or something

 almost certainly 2012
[ 7 ]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  2012. Inspired very heavily by this garry's mod map which I spent a massive amount of time playing around on. By myself.
  This map also makes a cameo in my very first youtube video.
[ 8 ]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  2012 probably. Notice how I try to draw as little as possible as often as possible here.
  Notice, too, that the only thing I can draw even kind of well is the forest, and how even that is just a bunch of repeating patterns.
[ 9 ]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  Spooky headlights in the dark. And a tree.

[ 10]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  2013-ish. Movie quotes and random nonsense. Par for the course really.
[ 11]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  2012. Just random meaningless dialogue. Another star wars reference.
  probably only did this because I thought I was terrible at dialogue and needed to practice. The real question: has that practice paid off?
[ 12]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  First day of first grade. Last thing I have which I wrote before that one thing happened.
[ 13]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  I still vaguely remember this. A bright sunny day.
  The last time I went to a zoo it was raining and we had to leave because we didn't get there until it was nearly closed. When was that? Two years ago? Three? Maybe it was more recently than that.
  I don't really like zoos very much. I love animals but I don't like zoos.
[ 14]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  Meanwhile, we haven't had snow like we had then for years.
[ 15]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  Optical illusions, liking how it feels to make a mark on paper.
[ 16]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  2010. This is really stupid. I have the original text file around here somewhere. Un-binaried. Not bothering scanning the rest of this because it gets tedious pretty quickly. I still find this first bit really funny actually, all these elements together are just so absurd and ridiculous. I don't know what drove me to make this but I wish it would happen again.
[ 17]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  2010. Maybe 2011. ???
[ 18]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  Not sure how old this is. Definitely pre-2008. I was in middle school, is all I know. So probably 06 or 07.
[ 19]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  Same notebook as the previous image.
[ 20]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  Scrawled in the early hours of one morning in 2014, a place I saw in a dream.
[ 21]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  The only thing so far that I made on a computer, I think.. I thought this was funny when I made it, whenever that was...
[ 22]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  Page from this booklet we were given on this field trip in tenth grade. That was 2009 I think? Wonder how many times they've copied it.
[ 23]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  A page from a really really old sketchbook I had back in 2003. I know it's from 2003 because the last page has a note that says something to the effect of "You are looking at a sketchbook by me from 2003-2006"
[ 24]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  Another thing from the same sketchbook, a decent summation of my output for the first decade or so of my life.
[ 25]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

  .... this chokes me up a bit
  And that's all for now. Bet the music's barely gone anywhere at all, huh? Assuming you started playing some of it. I hope it wasn't too far outside your taste. I wnated to make a little window where you could just search youtube and find music on your own, but I thought first that this would distract you (seeing that youtube is much much more interesting than anything I have here) and second that I have no idea how to properly do that anyway, and this is a good opportunity to shove my taste in people's faces and maybe introduce them to stuff I like. And then, I thought, "the more people there are who share my taste in music, the more people there are who I can talk to about it without having to feel alienating/ed". Blah blah words words look at me go! Gosh I sure am good at this, don't you think?

  If you want to keep listening, maybe you could just leave this tab open in the background?

 I had a lot of fun making that music box thing actually. I think I'll add it to more of my pages, just because it's fun like that. Hopefully it doesn't break in too many browsers.

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