Froot Loupes

Loops recorded mostly with a loop pedal, others made in audacity and software of that ilk, and still others recorded to good old fashioned hand-made luddite tape loops like the old timers used to do. In keeping with their cyclical nature, these clips aren't organized chronologically - they're organized by length. PD notation on this page is red-on-gold instead of gold-on-red. File names are literally random words. Also, loops under 30 seconds are in FLAC format: Yippee! Yahoo! Wa-hah! Author's note: in an effort to prevent the page from downloading every single audio file the instant this page opens, instead they load semi-sneakily when you hover over the play buttons - so you may need to wait for a few seconds after clicking a button before the sound starts.


[0, 5]

(5, 10]

(10, 30]

(30, 60]

(60, 120]

(120, ∞]