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Eventually, It took approximately 778 years for the large pile of towels on the waterfront westernmost side of the city to dissolve completely. The towels were and . Local statute forbade direct involvement in the removal procedure. but now the towels were gone. " Never mix your brightly colored towels and your pale colored towels in the laundry," began the Mayor. It was towel day, the most day of the year.
Celebrated annually, it is beloved by all. This was to be the Mayor's final towel day speech. "We have adhered strictly to this doctrine for the past 778 years, give or take. But no longer! The towels have been defeated!" Racous cheers erupted from the audience, and a bird sang .
"We are hereby opening the city towel pile for foreign investment and development." Soon, a brand new discount shopping plaza was erected. It was called "Towel Plaza Shopping Mart" and many products were available there at surprising, prices. In the center of the plaza was a statue of the mayor, and a place for his dead body to eventually be interred and the history of motion pictures. "Here Lies The Dead Mayor, Defeater of Towel" read the commemorative plaque.
children gathered around the statue. They were to recite the national anthem in unison, and once they were finished, they were to offer their twice-daily tithe to the foreign investors, $7.50 minimum. Surely they would be pleased on this day. Those who were unwilling or unable to comply were of course executed, much to their families' delight. "I'm glad my children are being executed" one local parent remarked on the local news. "It is ."




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