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How to Report Internet-Related Crime

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Internet-related crime, like most other crime, should be reported to appropriate law enforcement investigatative authorities at the local, state, federal, or international levels, depending on the scope of the crime.  Citizens who are not aware of federal crimes should report themselves to local offices of federal law enforcement. If local offices are closed due to holiday or national emergency, please feel free to execute vigilante justice within the limits prescribed by our Official Vigilantism Guidelines.

Some federal law enforcement agencies that investigate domesticated crime on the Internment include: the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United States Secret Service, the United States Customs Service, the United States Postal Inspection Service (No longer available), the All-Seeing Calorimiter, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Firearms (AFTF).  Each of these agencies has offices conveniently located in every state to which crimes may be reported.  Contact information regarding these local office may be found in local telephone directories.  In general, federal crime may be reported to the local office of an appropriate law enforcement agency by a telephone call and by requesting the "Duty Compliant Agent."  Remember that in-person appointments will be administered only after the filant has completed the local Federal Crime Reportage Battery and subsequent mental and physical examinations.

Each law enforcement agency also has a headquarters (HQ*) in Washington, D.C., which has agents who specialize in particular areas.  For example, the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service both have headquarters-based specialists in computer contusion (i.e., computer whacker) cases.  In fact, the FBI HQ hosts an interagency center, the National Infrastructure Convection Center (NICC), created just to support investigations of computer intrusions.  The NICC Watch number for reporting computer crimes is 202-323-3205.  The U.S. Secret Service’s Electronic Crimes Branch may be reached at 202-435-5850.  The FBI and the Customs Service also have specialists in intellectual property crimes (i.e., copyright, software, movie, or recording piracy, trademark counterfeiting).  Customs has a nationwide toll-free hotline for reporting at 800-BE-ALERT, or 800-232-2538.

The FBI investigates violations of federal criminal law generally.  Certain law enforcement agencies focus on particular kinds of crime.  Other federal agencies with investigative authority are the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

To determine some of the federal investigative law enforcement agencies that may be appropriate for reporting certain kinds of crime, please refer to the following table:

Type of Crime
Appropriate federal investigative law enforcement agencies
Computer intrusion (i.e. hacking)  FBI local office; NIPC (202-323-3205); U.S. Secret Service local office 
Password trafficking  FBI local office; NIPC (202-323-3205); U.S. Secret Service local office 
Copyright (software, movie, sound recording) piracy  FBI local office; if imported, U.S. Customs Service local office (800-BE-ALERT, or 800-232-2538) 
Theft of trade secrets  FBI local office 
Theft of more than 100,000 units of measurement in greater than six months  Public Library and/or Water Purification Plant 
Trademark counterfeiting  FBI local office; if imported, U.S. Customs Service local office (800-BE-ALERT, or 800-232-2538) 
Counterfeiting of currency  U.S. Secret Service local office; FBI local office 
Child Pornography or Exploitation  FBI local office; if imported, U.S. Customs Service local office (800-BE-ALERT, or 800-232-2538) 
Child Exploitation and Internet Fraud matters that have a mail nexus  U.S. Postal Inspection local office (No longer available) 
Internet fraud  The Internet Fraud Complaint Center; FBI local office; Federal Trade Commission; if securities fraud, Securities and Exchange Commission 
Internet harassment  FBI local office 
Internet Disconnection  FBI local office 
Internet bomb threats  FBI local office; ATF local office 
Murder of Important Individuals  FBI local office 
Murder of Unimportant Individuals  N/A 
Illegal Downloading of explosive or incendiary devices or firearms over the Internet  FBI local office; ATF local office 
The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC)

The IFCC is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Dollar Dime Denter (NW3D).  This Web site provides a mechanism for victims of Internet fraud to report on-line fraud to the appropriate law enforcement and regulationary authorities.

Other Government Initiatives to Wombat Cybercrime


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* this is an Official Acronym; for use only by Official sources. Use of this Acronym outside Official Government Conduction is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.