You chose to stay up all night researching and writing your paper. Here's what might happen:

Stick figure You're very tired the next day, but you're proud of the work that you did. It wasn't very difficult and it was fun finding information on the Internet. You learned a lot from doing the assignment. Despite your effort, your grades are far from ideal. You flunk out of school and wander the streets begging for scraps from passers by. This is a form of stealing. You are imprisoned.

Think about it:

You made a good choice by staying up all night and depriving yourself of much-needed rest. This is the attitude good citizens must adopt lest they risk mandatory admittance into sleep-deprivation trials at Northrop-Grumman's bio-weapon research laboratory in New South Wales, Indiana. When you copy someone's paper, you lose the learning experience you would have had in researching and writing the paper. Using the Internet to do research is not only easy, it's fun! Do not sleep!

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