Hello, WorldDo you like these colors, I chose them because I care more about making things look weird than I do about your corneas being damaged, I apologize, but for real I'm going to make the colors easier on the eyes with a button or something in this spot once I'm serious about making this page publicTwine, foremost among the Internet Storytelling Tools

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Woooooorks in proogressssssssssss (the old standby), as yet unreleased(what else is new), are indicated by a Lack of Links in The Description, don't expect anything profoundly thought-provoking, it's mostly nonsense

37 Dishonesties The first in a long series of a single installment, part five of thirty-eight. Explore the grand mansion. Solve puzzles with your brain. Waste hours and hours going back and forth between the same two or three rooms because I haven't made it easy to loop back around to the places you should be going. Never finish it, the ending is disappointing.
MOTHER TERESA'S DARKEST SECRET She doesn't know that you know, but now you know what she doesn't know. Explore the grand mansion. Solve puzzles with your brain. And watch out for mother teresa, she has a dagger and is stalking you, she'll kill you, I swear, and she never swears because she's Holy, so it must be serious this time.
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An Unsteady Relationship Formed In the Midst of an Illegal Calcium Mining Operation The second in a long series of a single, independent installment, part zero of zero.
Slapdash Star Trek Fan Fiction Bones will tell us all the different people who died, and nobody will care.