OCR volume 1

OCR stands for

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Alkaline Ban No Mercury or Led

Cross References: LR41. AG3,392A, 192 Also Fits: SR41, SR41W, SR41SW. SP415W, TR41SW. D384/392. 392, 392BP, V392. GP392. 0392! GP192, LR4192, R 392/2, 384 D384, SP384, V384, R384/10, G3, G3A, 736. L736, L736F LR736, SR736, SR736, S736E. SR736PW, SR736SW, SR736W S7368, SB-A1/01, A63, 325. 280-18, 247. 10 L 125/D. 113450, 547,92A, SB-81. V36A DATE OF MANUFACTURE:

MFG: JAN 2820

Warnings -Keep away from small children -If swallowed, promptly see a doctor

Always confirm proper polarity -Do not install backwards -Do not take batteries apart Do not burn or incinerate Do not mix with other battery types. -Replace all batteries at same time.

Do not recharge these batteries Never store loose batteries together.

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