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here's a page i made to put pictures i've taken. i hope you enjoy them. two sections, analog photos and digital photos.

"Cameras I Own" (look at me look at me):

cameras I don't own (avert thine eyes)

i take issue with people who fetishize analog media, like how they always say vinyl sounds 'warm' whatever that's supposed to mean, or people who insist they shoot their movies on 35mm film instead of digitally.

i also take issue with people who think analog stuff is obsolete and should be forgotten and no longer supported because computers are magic. what's wrong with using both? oh whoop dee doo your synth is full of vacuum tubes, that doesn't make it better than a VST, it just makes it more expensive. i'm only writing all this because a web page feels incomplete if it doesn't have any text on it, how did i do


most of these are very very old because I don't use film cameras as much as I used to anymore, it's too expensive getting them developed is the problem. Anyway, here's 136 photos from the past 8 years


one of the great things about digital photos is they can be ugly and nobody cares. if you see cats in any of these photos, the orange one is named libby and the gray one is named sam. sam is old, mostly blind, and always purrs, libby is a tortoiseshell or whatever it's called and usually devotes her one (1) brain cell to either hating sam or runnign around the house like she's being chased by a rabid dog.