SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Week of February 18, 1999

This is strange. While meditating on your horoscope in my home office, where no one ever visits, I've been called to the door twice in 15 minutes. First I was victimized by Jehovah's Witnesses, next by Scientology drones. Is this evidence of millennial recruiting fever, or is the universe sending me an omen about you? Wow. As I typed that last sentence, a call came into my answering machine. It was a Sagittarius reader from Toronto saying, "Help! I'm being pestered to listen to and endorse ideas I don't have any interest in. What should I do?" Now it's unequivocal what the signs mean, Saj: Don't pretend for even ten seconds to care about inessential stuff. Slam the door on distractions and interruptions. Hunker down with the treasure that thrills your heart most.

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