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This website is awesome! At first, I didn't know how to access it, but the clever tricks that you used made it so much more fun to try! Keep on doing what you've been doing.

2016-05-28 08:55:02
Name: Jacob,
Loc: Trapped inside of a computer,
Age: ?,
Favorite Color: Black,
Most Treasured Memory: Being alive in the real world,
Favorite Movie: null,
Favorite Place: Never been anywhere.


I seriously cannot believe I hadn't signed here earlier. Awesome, and strange website. For the first few months of being on Neocities, I had absolutely no clue how to even access this site. Eventually, I had found that this site is a treasure trove full of outré imagery, fantastic blog posts, and links to youtube videos no mortal will ever comprehend completely without a lifelong study of Human Psychology. I personally thank you for creating a site of such peculiar and fascinating content. And I immediately recognized the image at the top: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQjbXq4WLSo

2016-01-22 10:31:29
Name: FloppyJay,
Loc: The Internet,
Age: Young,
Favorite Color: Black,
Most Treasured Memory: Surfing the Internet,
Favorite Movie: Batman (1989), or Beetlejuice,
Favorite Place: The Internet


i really love your site!!!!!!!
i love your site soooo much!!!!!!!!!
i love your halloween stuff!! i love your garfield!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for sharing your site with the world!!!
i love this!!

2016-01-14 18:24:42
Name: amelia,
Loc: city of rats ,
Age: 17,
Favorite Color: rain,
Most Treasured Memory: rain,
Favorite Movie: asleeping,
Favorite Place: dizzy


Early 2000s Aesthetic

2015-12-09 22:47:26
Name: Tobias87,
Loc: Mesa AZ,
Age: 14,
Favorite Color: OH MY GOD (blue),
Most Treasured Memory: eating,
Favorite Movie: what,
Favorite Place: no


hey! just wanted to say HI, SHERYL!! nice webpage! your kids are a hoot to be around while i'm taking care of them for the next few months. OH, sorry for not telling you about that before HAHA!! yeah ive taken them out with me for an EASTERN CROSS-COUNTRY TOUR around the pacific northeast. eheh. they love it here, and we recently went to ol' faithful! i'll send some pix once we get back. LOVE YA HON!!! xxxxxxxx

2015-10-22 19:13:23
Name: 98plus,
Loc: 98plus,
Age: 98,
Favorite Color: Blood red,
Most Treasured Memory: Your children.,
Favorite Movie: Your ch,
Favorite Place: Y


i love your blog, you seem pretty cool

2015-10-14 19:29:54
Name: drei,
Loc: tdot,
Age: 23,
Favorite Color: teal,
Most Treasured Memory:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Place:



2015-08-06 15:56:34
Name: test,
Loc: test,
Age: test,
Favorite Color:
Most Treasured Memory:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Place:

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